Thursday, September 9, 2010

reading at the goat

my wife had a meeting with her denomination's discernment committee about her status as a student preacher this afternoon, and as I had nothing else going on, I went along for moral support. the meeting was further out on the rim in eau claire, and I asked her to drop me off in town so I could find a hangout while she was meetifying. I had a book with me and a checkcard and my comfy shoes.

I ended up at a place called the goat or variously the dancing goat, a coffee shop on water street. they were very nice to me there: when I asked ron the baristo (is that a male barista?) what I might like he suggested a big steaming cup of guatemalen freshbrew. he said they only offer it 2ce a week and this was one of the days. for a little less than $2 I got a heaping cup the size of some washbasins that I could fill again and a chocolate chip cookie and a cozy spot on a couch near the open window that looked out on people.

I'm kneedeep in alex cockburn's corruptions of empire again after spending much of the past couple weeks reading fiction and the coffee and couch were an inspired addition. there really isn't much to report about this experience; I had no epiphanies or incredible conversations with anyone or saw anything interesting or even came across a wonderful bit of writing. all it was was just a middleaged man sitting quietly for a couple hours on a comfy couch with a mug of beanbrew listening to other people's conversations and reading his book. I could live my life this way.

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