Monday, May 16, 2011

this is a mashup I've done for my course in older testament. the assignment was, attending to my audience, come up with a presentation on some aspect of the hebrew bible. I chose to present wisdom literature and sophia to a UU congregation. below the video is a quick explication of the images used.

“A short celebration of the Sophia in us all”
Shot 1: A manipulated image from Anvari
A responsive reading from Thandaka
Shot 2: A woman sits crying in the ruins of an apartment building in the aftermath of a Russian bombing attack in Gori, Georgia
Shot 3: A child appreciates the rain
Shot 4: “Walking Woman” sculpture (1960s) by Michael Snow
Shot 5: A junkie in an alley in Amsterdam
Shot 6: Shortly after France passed its law banning full facial coverings, including niqabs, a female lawyer, taking offense at another shopper’s appearance in full burqua, tried to rip the woman’s veil off
Shot 7: “Bliss Dance” sculpture made and disassembled at Burning Man 2010
Shot 8: Graffito by Banksy on the Israeli-Palestinian separation wall
Shot 9: Artsy pic from Google
“Get It While You Can” by Janis Joplin, particularly reflective of Ecclesiastes 9:7-10 and Proverbs 4:7
Shot 10: A blow up of one of the Dead Sea Scrolls
Shot 11: Body painting by Chelsea Rose from her website
Shot 12: The Questioner of the Sphinx by Elihu Vedder (1863)
Shot 13: The Goddess of Wisdom (Saraswati) by Om Prakash Saini (2008)
Shot 14: A 3 dimensional model of a carbon molecule
Shot 15: A seedling growing from a mortuary bench
Shot 16: “Moon Flower Opening” (not time-lapse) from Timeforross on Youtube
Shot 17: Buddhist monks eating in Bangkok
Shot 18: Chitra Lele, a Hindu priest
Shot 19: Aminda Wadud, a German imam
Shot 20: Jain monks in India
Film clip 1: Alanis Morissette as God in Kevin Smith’s Dogma smelling flowers and doing a handstand
Film clip 2: Linda Fiorentino as Bethany and Alanis Morissette as God; Bethany’s final facial expression shows her uncertainty about God’s response
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