Monday, September 12, 2011

c & e xians

I've been interning at a couple hub uu congregations so I haven't been attending my home church--what exactly does that mean, anyway, "home church"?--for the past year until yesterday. the service, the 1st of the new congregational year, was the gathering of the waters. it's not unusual for uu churches to stop meeting for the summer, and the one I often attend in eau claire is no different. I mentioned to my xian wife yesterday that xians may not be able to understand the feeling that this rite tickles in us, having not seen one another for months (save perhaps for a few social occasions). but she suggested it was a similar experience to the one c & e xians--christmas and easter--have and I must agree to an extent. it's probable that xians who only attend church a few times a liturgical year have a comparable sensation of having rediscovered the existence of beloved community, although I don't think it's necessarily a good thing. as for uus, we ought to give up the classicism of pausing summer meetings. while the joke that uus are the only sect god can trust for 3 months on our own is worth repeating, the fact is that fewer of us remain of that uberclass that goes away between june and september and our meeting schedule should reflect it.

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