Sunday, January 29, 2012

deacon blues

on the drive home tonight I heard a steely dan song I hadn't heard in a while: "deacon blues." what it put me in mind of was driving home some 32 or so years ago while living with my parents and in my late teens. it was a delicious feeling, driving in the dark on country roads, the headlights focusing on trees and snow and casting ghostshadows up branches. what it reminds me of too is the feeling of something to look forward to. I was one of those new york-mad teens who made it worth bookland's effort to keep issues of apartment life and after dark in supply. we thought of ourselves as growing up sophisticated and leisurely, as experiencing the smooth life we coveted. it was a lovely feeling, that sense of what could come, and the song, with its brass and piano that conjured up the sensation of ease and comfort and always being warm and full, still leaves me happy and content and just a little sleepy.

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