Thursday, January 14, 2010

worship video for class/haiti

out on the rim we're well aware of what's happening in the bigger picture, sometimes to a greater degree than people up closer to it. this is a video that serves two ends. for my media, culture and worship class I needed to create a mashup incorporating a Xian lectionary reading for this week, and it is my visual contemplation of a question posed by a friend of mine on fb: where is god in the earthquake in haiti? she's presupposing the traditional Xian allpowerful all good god, for which there isn't a satisfactory answer. but I think, like anne lamott, god is a verb rather than a noun, and god is what we do with one another. thus, when the music shifts, the pictures shift, not to a prelapsarian state but to a state of people being with one another.


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  2. The photos linked with the lyrics of the song imply the presence of God _in_ every event or gathering of people. Would you use this in worship? What discussion might need to follow? Show it more than once. I understood it better seeing it the second time. Well done, in explanation and carry-over into video, bobby sneakers. jann