Sunday, January 30, 2011

in my opinion there aren't enough universalistjokes...

3 men on opening their eyes after death found themselves in a kind of boiling pond surrounded by wailing demons and licking flames. they looked at one another.

finally, one said to the other 2, "well, I was a catholic priest in life and I suppose I liked the fermented grape just a bit too much. I drank to excess more than once and so I guess I've got what was coming to me."

another of the men shook his head and said, "I was a rabbi in life. I used to love lobster and crab legs, and whenever I went traveling I hit the seafood buffet and filled up on shrimp. I suppose it's my love of treif that determined I should end up here."

they looked at the other man expectantly, but he just sat there, glaring at them. "c'mon," the rabbi said, "we told you what we did wrong. politeness says you should do the same." "sure," said the priest. "look, we're all sinners here and there's nothing to hide."

finally, the third man sputtered, "I am a universalist minister. this place is not hot and I am not here!"

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