Friday, July 8, 2011

walking in cuyahoga

on the drive between austin and elkhart, indiana, where we set down for the night, we made a stop at cuyahoga valley national park. it was a sweet little spot off interstate 77 between akron and cleveland. there were sikhs meeting there yesterday and apparently their denomination has a gathering place further into the park. we got out and meandered a trail leading off down the road from the 1st parking lot , called riding run on the map), we came to. it was a gentle wander with a single ascent and descent on the so-called overlook trail (so-called because we could see nothing from its apex--perhaps, I ventured, it was an overlook only in the winter). then we followed a couple other routes to ponds that were primarily mosquito feeding grounds this time of year. but we wandered for 45 enjoyable minutes and it was a good reason to get out of the car and a good use of our legs for something besides pumping the gas pedal. we agreed we would stop there again someday when we had more time to explore.

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