Wednesday, May 16, 2012

basho & thoreau mashup

UPDATE:  unfortunately, the quality of the size of the video needed in order to make it possible to upload to the net precludes being able to read the copious information and quotes.  for most people, that won't be important, but I'm obviously going to need to learn to do this in another format (or find another way to size videos like this) if what I intend is to make this sort of thing academically presentable.  in the meantime, the music and pictures are pretty.
the past week and a half has been productive for working at various projects, few of which would interest anyone beyond the teachers they're intended for.  but this is the latest and holds a general appeal.  I'm proud of the start.  it's an integrative project comparing basho's and thoreau's status as "zen walkers" and tying that comparison into the uniquely human activity of wandering (at least on 2 feet) with little goal in mind.  I was astonished, in collecting material to use, that there were only 2 videos on google and youtube that had what I wanted--which was video of barefeet walking along a forest path or a paved road--but weren't obviously fetish vids (easily discernable by the person walking stopping every few seconds to arch his feet or show the soles slowly and fully to the camera or stretching her toes luxuriently before the camera as if it was someone's face) so I ended up making my own.  in my ever-evolving quest to make mashups as an academic alternative, I also cited all my quotes; but there's noplace to do such a thing on a mashup, so they appear in a document below the video.

“No One on the Road, No Traveler Crossing the Bridge: 
Basho and Thoreau”
Resource List
[Format:  Approximate minute—Author Page Number]

1.      1:01:57—Solnit 10.
2.      1:15:80—Quoted in Solnit 33.
3.      2:09:57—Solnit 32.
4.      3:32:17—Solnit 40.
5.      4:54:60—Hass 15.
6.      5:24:47—Thoreau Loc. 18[1].
7.      5:30:23—Hass 11.
8.      5:35:97—JazzoLOG.
9.      7:24:63—Solnit 35-6.
10.  7:31:87—Hass 16.
11.  7:37:33—Thoreau Loc. 17.
12.  8:12:60—Aitken xx.
13.  9:10:87—Thoreau Loc. 7 & 10.
14.  9:58;53—Hass 36.
15.  10:23:33—Thoreau Loc. 20.
16.  10:34:77—Hass 13.
17.  10:48:57—Thoreau Loc. 92.
18.  10:54:70—Hass 45.
19.  11:21:37—Thoreau Loc. 242.
20.  11:31:57—Hass 16.
21.  12:03;20—Thoreau Loc. 430.

Works Cited

·         Aitken, Robert.  1978.  A Zen Wave:  Basho’s Haiku and Zen.  Washington, DC; Shoemaker and Hoard Publishing.

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In addition, I’ve quoted liberally from my sermon “Evolution and Revolution” available in three separate posts on my blog, Too Long in the Wasteland.

·         Sneakers, Bobby.  2011.  “Evolution and Revolution.”  Too Long in the Wasteland. Website. Posts from February 13, 16, and 19.  Last accessed at on May 15, 2012. 

[1] Kindle quotes are found by choosing the “Table of Contents” option at the bottom of the screen, choosing “Location,” and entering the numbers.


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