Thursday, November 21, 2013

my communal fantasy

Last week I performed a funerary service for an infant and made contact with a small group of mostly young, mostly organic farmers. Since then I've been indulging in a fantasy imagining myself in a commune with them or people like them whose warmth keeps me happy. I'm fully aware that as a farmer I am a total flop, but I'm a good pair of hands and shoulders, and in my fantasy I am the public face of a group of introverts, doing the shopping and appearing at zoning meetings and such, and being the spiritual advisor and confidante of the group, providing direction and counseling when I am not digging up potatoes. Sometimes I have the sense that the future of religious folk lies in becoming small intentional communities who covenant together--such ideas come naturally when one reads Irresistible Revolution and Occupy Religion--and it's in those moments I feel warm and hopeful.

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