Tuesday, October 19, 2010

franconia notch

in this dream I was homeless again and a group of us had been taken in by the young owner of a store--it might have been a pet store--and given blankets and pillows and allowed to sleep on the floor. it was actually pretty nice, a feeling like a big teen sleepover, although it got confusing when the place opened up and customers started walking around.

one girl settled down next to me on the floor and we shared a blanket and talked about our travels. she was from a town near the franconia notch in new hampshire and I have some fond memories of hiking there. that was really all this dream was about, was sharing some happy memories with another person about a place I liked in a relaxed, if somewhat outre, atmosphere.

(and speaking of atmosphere, I was also aware in my dream of eyedea's death over the weekend and somehow that had an impact on me. this then is as good a place as any to say goodbye to him.)

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