Tuesday, October 5, 2010

my book collection

for the last few years I've collected books on and about and by the counterculture published between 1967 and 1975. most of them are 1st editions but a lot are not. much of my collection is gathered from library sales and castoffs and occasionally dollar bins at used bookstores. the books themselves will never be worth much--many of them still have library call numbers attached as well as other scratches and dents and stains--but I collect them because I think there ought to be a collection from this period.

here are my 5 most recent acquisitions, all culled free from inver hills library's recent purge:
  • dick gregory. editor james mcgraw. the shadow that scares me. doubleday. lib of cong card number 68-10561. 1968. first edition.
  • don l. lee. from plan to planet. broadside press. lib of cong card number 72-94350. 1974. second edition.
  • albert b. cleage, jr. the black messiah. search books, sheed and ward. lib of cong card number 68-9370. 1969. first paperback edition.
  • vine deloria, jr. we talk, you listen: new tribes, new turf. macmillan. lib of cong card number 72-126508. 1970. second edition.
  • amiri baraka (leroi jones). raise race rays raze: essays since 1965. random house. ISBN 039446222X. 1971. first edition. (note that this one was obviously shelved in a sunny area: the spine is so faded as to be unreadable.)

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