Saturday, October 9, 2010

my book collection

in honor of john lennon's 70th birthday I've published the picture to the right. the book to which it's the cover--photographs annie leibovitz 1970-1990--isn't a part of my collection, although the copy I own is a first edition. back in the 70s I had a copy of this book which I am certain was not the first paperback edition. I'd probably picked it up at a flea market or garage sale, read it, been confused by it, and given it away.

the two books below are, in contrast to my last post, early acquisitions. note the hard wear and tear: both made the trip with me during my car-living years, shoved into a milk crate in haphazard fashion, just so they fit. I'm fairly certain I got both of them at manny's art supply in new paltz: that was where I got a lot of books in the early 80s.

annie leibovitz. photographs 1970-1990. harpercollins. 1991. ISBN 0060166088. first edition (I've still got the tissue paper dust jacket, tho it has wrinkles and several tears).

frederick s. perls, m.d., ph.d. in and out the garbage pail. real people press. lib of cong number 7096895. 1969. first paperback edition.

stephen gaskin. volume one: sunday morning services at the farm. the book publishing company. ISBN 913990086. undated (probably 1978 since the last sermon noted is from march 1977). first edition.

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