Saturday, July 6, 2013


About a year ago I picked up a pair of hitchhiking sisters who I convinced to stay with us a few days while they had the kitten they'd found treated for infections.  While here, they turned me onto a website I'd never heard of called  It's primarily a spot for train kids to post photos.

Since then I check in on it at least once a week and it's become a place where I can waste hours a day.  I've seen all the photos, but attached to each are often notes from members liking the photo or making a comment.  Each member has a tumblr and clicking the link leads to multiple pages of odds and ends.  Notes, gifs, pics, quotes, all chosen by idiosyncratic people in their idiosyncratic ways.  It's a reminder that, as we drift ever further apart as individuals, we remain ensconced in a larger community, and even if I never meet any of these people, I feel attached not to them but to the same thing they're attached to.  The site acts as an umbilicus between us.


  1. I don't have a lot of free time these days but I will check this site out. You are such a prolific writer, and all so well written. Keep it up man. Thank you.